Blockchain Services

Banner Placement

With the banner advertisement, people will be attracted to your brand, your project by image, which is easier for recall though sometimes they refused to click for reading. We can cover banner on top listing, cryptocurrency news and other relevant websites.

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Press Release

You will have your brand and projects announced to the community by one of most formal and direct ways on our partner websites, which can create a professional sense on your strategy of increasing brand awareness.

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Community development

Just having a community is not enough. We formulate advertising campaigns and bounty activities around the token. Thus creating a relevant, engaged community. Community campaigns on SMM (Facebook, Bitcointalk, Reddit, Twitter, etc.) will be created, managed and optimized. By thoroughly managing your project, we boost hype and maximise audience engagement.

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Community Management

Our community managers will study in detail the project and will be at the front line to oversee the whole community, tackling all queries from the public 24/7 and bridging the public to the core team regarding any unsolved issues on various platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, SMM, Twitter, Reddit, Slack, Medium etc.

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Sponsored Articles and Newsletter

Sponsored articles are analysis written by our professional authors on front page of the most popular websites for days and weeks, therefore, the public will have a more detailed view on your company, your products/services and innovations. Moreover, newsletter will keep readers stay updated and informed continually.

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Youtube Influencer

In the Industry 4.0, people spend their time on social media more than ever, therefore, the power on community of the “iconic figures” on Youtube, Twitters, Facebook, etc is immeasurable. They can drive substantial traffic to your projects and boost engagement rates of viewers, readers to an incredible level in a nick of time.

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ICO Listing

Listing an ICO on websites grants a position on the Ongoing, Upcoming or Post ICO List. There is also a brief introduction to the project and the team with links to the social media. This can make ICO projects become more exposed to potential investors.

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What these guys came up and being capable of amazed us and went beyond our expectations. Proven to be professionals within their field, they are no average agency but became our face and our voice. The human touch added for social media management was superb.

Ken Zeng
Customer, Nexty Pte.

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